Evan Luthra has been making headlines for his lavish lifestyle for years now. However, recently he has started scamming people and stealing thousands of dollars from them.

My friend lost more than $150,000 to Evan Luthra and she’s not alone. This guy has scammed dozens of people within the past couple of years and this has to stop! In this Evan Luthra review, I’ll show you the real truth which Evan desperately tries to hide!

Luthra’s Multiple Lies

Luthra is NOT Mentored By Steve Jobs

In an interview, Evan was asked if he was mentored by Steve Jobs or not. Here’s his reply word by word.

I would like to say yes. he was, okay. if you look at it, the Internet is my mentor, right.

you don’t have to talk to somebody all the time to consider them your mentor. I would like to believe that the Internet has been my biggest mentor right.

Evan Luthra on a Livestream Interview @Coffezilla

The pea-sized brain of Luthra doesn’t know the meaning of a mentor. Maybe if he got some real education, not a fake bought-out degree, then he might haven’t made these conclusions. Let’s ask Google the definition of ”mentor”.

”An experienced and trusted adviser”. That sounds about right. But being the uneducated guy Luthra is, no one should expect him to know basic English. He is, after all an uneducated scammer.

The late Steve Jobs couldn’t have mentored Evan. Because Steve was on his death bed by the time Evan supposedly built his first app. It is impossible for Steve to mentor anyone while he’s struggling for his life, let alone a random Indian kid.

Evan WASN’T One Of The First 100 App Publishers On The App Store

Evan says he made & released AppStore’s one of the 1st 100 apps but this it totally false. App Store was released in July 2008 with 500 apps! And by 2010, there were thousands of apps available in the store already. So even if Evan launched an app on AppStore, he definitely wasn’t one of the 1st ones.

Evan WASN’T Paid By Vice To Get An Article Written

When confronted about his obvious lies in the VICE interview, Evan said that the author manipulated the information. Not only that, but Evan also claims he got paid $3,000 for the interview. Oh God, you have to be an absolute retard to believe these lies. NO ONE gets paid to get interviewed at VICE. It’s the other way around!

After Evan spewed his lie about the VICE article, the author was contacted. She said that all the data is verified by Evan himself before it was published. So Evan was lying the whole time!

Evan Luthra Is NOT A Blockchain Expert

One of the biggest lies told by Evan Luthra is him being a blockchain expert. You can go through any of his interviews online you won’t find Evan talking anything remotely technical about Blockchain. All he does talk BS. He says generic statements which can fool a layman into thinking he is an expert. While in reality, he is just a pretender. There is no proof of Evan Luthra building the supposed 1,000 blockchain companies he has built and sold. But there is a lot of proof of Evan Luthra scamming dozens of people for money, more on that later.

FAKE Doctorate Degree

This one might be one of the most pathetic lies that Luthra spreads everywhere. Evan requests to be introduced as ”Dr Evan Luthra” in all his interviews, . Not only that, his Instagram bio said that he is a doctor before his interview on Coffeezilla. Evan has bought a fake Ph.D. in blockchain from some sellout college situated in the Dominic Republic. Simply put, he has a fake degree. But when confronted he started making excuses and said that many people from India have an honorary degree who put ”Dr.” in front of their name. However, the comment section bashed this bizarre claim.

Evan Luthra Is A Legit Scammer

Evan Scammed & Took $550K from Multiple Entrepreneurs

What I’m about to tell you is something Evan’s team has tried to hide for years. But it’s difficult to completely hide the truth. Evan has stolen $550k from several businessmen from the USA. The remorseless fraud has a shockingly large portfolio of scams. Four of the countless businessman who has been scammed by Luthra, have come forward and tried to reveal the reality of this pathetic weasel. However, Evan successfully muted them through paid media. And as they lost most of their wealth to Luthra, they did not have the money to hire a lawyer and sue him.

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One lost $80,000, one lost $170,000 & went homeless, another lost $100,000 and one lost $200,000!

Evan says that all of these people whose lives he has ruined, are actually liars and he is actually not responsible for their loss. The lack of morality and remorse is at the next level with this guy! In all of these deals, Evan was the CTO and he was responsible for building the app while the guy who really invested money in the company trusted Evan. And all of these guys lost money only because of Evan’s incompetence and delusion.

How The Evan Luthra Scam Works:

Work with Evan if you want to burn all your money
Work with Evan if you want to burn all your money

Evan Luthra runs multiple scams all of which rely heavily on his personal brand. I want to make one thing very clear, Evan is NOT nearly as rich as he claims to be. He doesn’t own any multi-million companies. He just lies about his Net Worth, intelligence & experience so that he can make money from entrepreneurs.

Here’s how Evan Luthra really makes money:

Calls With Unbelievable Hidden Charges!

If you contact Evan as an entrepreneur or even a fan, he’ll send you a number on which he will claim that he’ll talk. That call will cost you $200-500 depending on the length of the call. However, Evan will not tell you about the charges, he won’t even mention it! He’ll talk BS and try to extend the call as much as he possibly can. Then after the call ends, you’ll receive the bill for the call

Speaking Engagements As A Fake Expert

He also sometimes give speeches about ”blockchain” and ”technology” while knowing literally nothing about both of those. Some people hire him thinking that he is a self-made millionaire who has a doctorate. These people don’t realize their mistake until after they’ve paid up Evan.

Developing [email protected] Apps For Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars!

This is the biggest income stream for Luthra. He pays for all the rental cars and per-hour models seen in his interviews & posts, with the help of scams. He takes money from naive youngsters, claiming how he will make them millionaires just like him. These youngsters take loans from their parents, sell their cars, drop out of college and put their whole life on hold believing Evan’s dreadful lies. Once Luthra gets the money, he launches a $hitty app developed by his team of uneducated developers. And the app meets its inevitable fate, it flops. The entrepreneur who lost all his money, now, does not have the financial power to even sue Luthra. All he can do is regret, while Evan enjoys his life.

Evan also makes the claim that he earns all of his money from developing apps and his so-called” startup companies”. Well, long story short, this is not the truth! All the real testimonials available online, tell a different story. People who had worked with Luthra for apps regret hiring him. Luthra has a team of uneducated and developers whose only certification comes from a $10 Udemy course and they make less than minimum wage working at his company.

Evan Luthra Exposed To Shreds By A Victim

Video Player

00:0000:30ScamReveals exposes Evan Luthra to shreds

ScamReveals is an Instagram page whose admin is one of the Evan Luthra scam victims. This page has amazingly 63.8k followers and it exposes the elaborate scam.

From overpriced calls to thousands of dollars Evan has stolen from multiple US entrepreneurs, this page tells everything.

Fake Evan Luthra Reviews & Biased Interviews

Sponsered FAKE PR of Evan Luthra

You might see some fancy Forbes/VICE articles on Evan Luthra, but please do not be fooled by these paid up PR attempts. These being media houses are total sellouts and they often as sponsored post on their website for a few thousand Dollars.

The reality is revealed in the real user reviews like this one, and the ones I found on his Facebook page. People have pointed out that Evan Luthra is actually a scammer and the thing about Facebook is, it’s difficult to hide reviews there and scammers like Luthra can’t get away with their shady tactics on the website.

His Actual Businesses

Untalented & Incompetent App Development Team of Evan Luthra

Evan Luthra really likes to brag about his app development skills and how is an absolute mastermind engineers when it comes to developing apps. Before you decide to work with Evan Luthra, don’t forget to checkout the real apps that his company, the El group International, have built. They’ve developed & published 4 apps, and as you can see in the screenshot below, they are definitely not the best apps. You can categorize them as mediocre at best.

All of these apps have dozens of single star reviews and people absolutely hate them because of their trash User experience bugs which are result of unskilled development.

Luthra’s Criminal Father

About Luthra’s Father…

Evan’s father owns a call centre in Delhi, India. We all know what happens at these call centres in India . They call old people from developed countries like Canada and United States, steal their credit card information, social secruity number, and sometimes even steal their life savings! What can I say, like father like son!

Not only that. He is also locally popular for selling fake degrees to those who can afford it. As you might already know, he bought a fake degree for his own son as well,  the honorary doctorate of blockchain.

Alcoholic Mess

Luthra Was Drinking Alcohol during an interview

In a recent interview Evan was exposed to shreds. He was really angry at the interviewer because the interviewer was picking apart all his lies one by one. Luthra wasn’t only defensive but acted like the uneducated fool he is.  But that was in the shocking part. Evan Luthra was drinking alcohol while doing his interview on a zoom call!Check out the screenshot above lol.

Evan Luthra Review Verdict

Avoid this scammer at all costs! He has scammed dozens if not hundreds of people and fails to provide any reason to trust him. People have tried to reveal the reality, but they were shut off by Luthra’s lawyers. I hope

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